Master Blends

Nature's Finest

We source only the purest, most ethically viable, natural, raw ingredients for our blends. From high-altitude Lavender, harvested in Provencal fields and distilled on site to guarantee the essence of the plant is captured, to Vetivert from Java, where the soils richness produces an exceptional essential oil.

Zestful citrus fruits, precious woods, fragile petals and pungent spices are all nurtured in the best environments, to release the finest, most aromatic oils.

Lovingly Crafted

At the heart of our formulations is a master blender. Surrounded by raw ingredients and bottles of precious oils, this skilled artisan has a deep understanding of natural ingredients. Part scientist, part perfumer, his passion is creating exquisite blends- blends that transform a mood and deliver the uniquely all-encompassing benefits of aromatherapy.