Ultimate Wellbeing Collection

Product Description

Featuring our ten award winning potent blends in deluxe discovery sizes, this introduction into the world of aromatherapy is the ultimate thoughtful gift. Each essential oil complex is hand-blended and provides unique wellbeing benefits to relax, unwind feel energized, bring comfort, and confidence. Use this wardrobe of aromatherapy solutions to bring balance to everyday life. Enjoy up to 30 therapeutic experiences.

Deep Relax (9 ml), Light Relax (9 ml), De-Stress Mind (9 ml), De-Stress Muscle (9 ml), Revive Morning (9 ml), Revive Evening (9 ml), Support Breathe (9 ml), Support Lavender & Peppermint (9 ml), Support Equilibrium (9 ml), Inner Strength  Bath & Shower Oils (10 x 9)

How to Use

Massage a third of your chosen oil onto your torso, Cup your hands together and bring them to your face, inhale deeply 3 times. Step into a warm bath or shower and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Each bottle has enough oil to enjoy 3 wellbeing experiences.