Lift Your Spirits


Skin with a sensitive or delicate nature needs the gentlest care. Our Inner Strength Collection features hand-blended pure essential oils to restore skins natural defenses. Created by our founder to help deal with life's out of the blue moments, a fusion of anxiety-soothing and emotion-grounding essential oils help you emerge comforted and reassured.

Unearth courage, strength and a positive frame of mind with the gentle powers of uplifting Clary Sage, strengthening Cardamom and focusing Frankincense.

 Crafted from Nature

 Our essential oils are unearthed from the purest botanical, raw ingredients. Native to the evergreen, rainy forest of India, our Cardamom is specially steam distilled from the aromatic cardamom seed. Its smooth, alluring scent and warming nature soothes the mind, body and soul.

Fields of Clary Sage's waist high plants can be found along the Mediterranean basin. Much sought after but tricky to grow, we treat this clarity restoring oil with the utmost respect, as one thunderstorm or hard rain can ruin an entire crop. The tiny flowers don't appear until their second year, to be harvested in late summer when their pastel petals and sticky seeds burst with natural oils.


Behind the Blend

Our formulations offer a wardrobe of wellbeing and our aromatherapy infusions contain only 100% natural ingredients to deliver the most effective results. This blend has been specially created to help deal with life's challenging moments.

Clary Sage, with its sweet, nutty, lightly herbal scent, is a great mind-declutterer. The reassuring warmth of Cardamom lifts your mood as it mingles with emotion balancing Geranium and grounding Frankincense. The true power of aromatherapy can be experience in this essential oil blend to inspire positivity and ease anxiety no matter what you are up against.



Your Wellbeing Ritual

Make your bathing ritual an affirming one by massaging Inner Strength Body Oil all over after your Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil. Prolong the positive vibes by carrying out Inner Strength Roller Ball with you through the days to enjoy its emotion-balancing benefits.