Accessing peace, quieting the mind and drifting to sleep are modern day challenges. Created by our founder to address her own insomnia, our Relax Collection is blended to shrug off daily fatigue, slow a racing mind and prepare you for undisturbed, restoritive sleep. This calming blend of oils will be your new best friend when you can't switch off.

Ease into sublimely relaxing aromas of earthy Vetivert, soothing Chamomile and comforting Sandalwood.

Crafted From Nature




Our essential oils are un-earthed from the purest botanical, raw ingredients. Sandalwood, a favorite of Aromatherapy Associates founder Geraldine Howard, travels to our hand-blending labs from hot Australian groves. Every single batch is traceable to the exact tree it came from, and the indigenous growers ensure more of the precious trees are planted than harvested.

The oil itself is extracted from the heartwood of the tree for the purest aromas. Our Vetivert oil is extracted from the roots of the plants grown in Haiti and Java, where the rich soils lend their deep, earthy aromas.


Behind the Blend








Wrap yourself in an intesley relaxing blend of oils. Our aromatherapy infusions contain 100% natural ingredients to deliver the most effective results. Vetivert is known as the "Oil of Tranquility". Its sensuous scent is both calming and helps fight insomnia and fatigue, qhile protecting the skin from environmental aggressors.

Hand-blended with grounding Sandalwood and quieting Chamomile, the restful effects of these natural soothers encourage daily time-outs, a peaceful disposition and end of day tranquility.

Your Wellbeing Ritual

Upgrade your bathing experience by massaging a capful of oil all over your body prior to stepping into a warm bath or shower. Enhance the aromatherapy benefits by cupping your hands to your face and inhaling deeply three times. Finish with an application of Relax Body Oil for the perfect pre-slumber prep.