When life throws challenges your way, call for a little extra support. Our Support Collection comes to the rescue, whether you are combating winter colds, hormonal disruption or an intense schedule. Originally created for a client with sensitive digestion, our supreme oils are laden with soothing properties for long-lasting comfort.






Infused with high-concentrations of decongestive and system soothing essential oils to balance, comfort and restore.




Crafted From Nature

Our Essential Oils are unearthed from the purest botanical, raw ingredients. The Lavender in our blend is cropped from high-altitude slopes in France's renowned Provence region, where the air quality and temperatures are perfect for producing the most intensely scented and potent plants.


For those supersensitive souls, calming Chamomile is harvested from Roman fields where the climate heightens the power of the tiny flowers. In our quest to source plants from the most transparent supply chain, our Geranium oil is now extracted from plants grown in Madagascar, where the quality of the oil equals revered Geranium Bourbon.



Behind the Blend

Our aromatherapy infusions contain only 100% natural ingredients to deliver the most effective results. Our Bath & Shower Oils contain the highest concentrations of precious oils available. The Support Blend Collection focuses on a trio of highly antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic oils to help you stay strong when your system is feeling low.

Lulling Lavender, cooling Eucalyptus and purifying Tea Tree oils deliver comfort and uplift your mood. Each blend can be turned to at times when support is needed, to ease tension, balance moods, soothe irritated skin and ward off congestions and allergies.























Your Wellbeing Ritual

Lightly roll Support Breathe Roller Ball over your pulse points to release its restorative benefits. Carry it with you for anytime, anywhere relief and comfort.