Revive Body Brush

Product Description


This cult favorite Revive Body Brush is highly toning and intensely stimulating. Made with natural Cactus Sisal bristles to help leave your skin looking soft, bright and fresh. This is an essential step to promoting healthy skin circulation and to remove dull cells from the surface of the skin.

How to Use

Prior to showering or bathing, dry brush gently all the way up the body, in a direction which leads to the heart, in order to positively stimulate circulation. Use a mix of long and short strokes over the entire body for maximum effects. Apply one of our Bath and Shower Oils, when ready rinse and wash with on of our fabulous Body Washes.

Care Tip

Tap the brush after each use to remove excess debris from bristles. Wash bristles once a week in warm soapy water, rinse well and air dry naturally, with the bristles facing downwards. For added longevity of the bristles, do not immerse the entire brush head in water.