Revive Body Brush

  • $51.50

Sweep away dead skin cells and firm skin with our Revive Body Brush

Known for its ability to tone, renew and soften the skin, dry body brushing is the missing link in your beauty regime. Dry brushing detoxifies skin and increases circulation, which helps to banishes impurities and promotes firmness.

Crafted with round-tip natural bristles from agave cactus, the Revive Body Brush will leave your skin feeling stimulated and enlivened. Body brushing can be both pleasurable and rewarding - so expect to witness results within days.

We suggest dry brushing outside of and before you enter the shower or your bath tub, and use long strokes on each limb towards the heart for the best benefits.

This Body Brush is the perfect tool - exfoliating removes dead skin cells and shows the luminous skin underneath, all while promoting skin renewal.

Composition: Wood handle and cactus bristles