The Atomiser Connect

  • $337.50

Winner of Best Diffuser at the Stylist Beauty Awards 2024.

Like the original ground-breaking Atomiser, The Atomiser Connect is a waterless, heatless, and wireless essential oil diffuser, allowing you to fill your home with 100% natural aromas, and easily move between rooms.​

Building on this technology, The Atomiser Connect has evolved with dual chamber diffusion pods, allowing seamless fragrance switching between two different essential oil blends. Or double diffusion from two bottles of the same essential oil blend, for a wider scent throw across a larger space.

Download the free app to pre-set and remotely control the diffusion intensity, light colour and creation of personalized schedules to turn diffusion on and off, as and when it suits you. Meaning you can come home to your ideal wellbeing moment with an app-controlled diffuser. The app also features a spa-inspired guided breathing feature for you to enjoy the ultimate moment of reset at home. 

What's included with your Atomiser Connect:

1 x Atomiser Connect, 130mm (D) x 135mm (H)

1 x Atomiser Connect app (free to download from Google Play and Apple App Store)

2 x Anti-leaking Diffusion heads & 15ml bottles

1 x USB cable

1 x Diffuser Oil bottle opener

1 x pack of 12pcs spare plastic tubes (to attach to the Diffusion heads)

1 x Instruction manual

COMPOSITION & INGREDIENTS: mixed metal, ceramic and plastic

How to use the Atomiser Connect:

  1. Remove the metal cover, take out the diffusion head and attach it directly onto your chosen essential oil bottle
  2. Insert the diffusion head and bottle into your chosen pod, ensuring the diffusion head air inlet is lined up with the symbol and grooves. Replace the metal cover.
  3. The controls on the Atomiser Connect allow for run times of 30 mins, 1 hour and 3 hours. Each diffusion pod can be controlled separately and has Standard or Boost mode.
  4. The Atomiser Connect can also be controlled through a separately controlled app. Turn on the Atomiser Connect and connect to the app via bluetooth, once the device and app are linked, the light on the   Atomiser Connect will flash twice to signal a connection.


Download the app onto your iPhone here or onto your Android hereOr search "The Atomiser Connect" on your phone's app store. Alternatively, scan the QR code on the box or manual here.


For further information please refer to our FAQ's page here or the instruction manual here.


We do not recommend using the dual chambers to diffuse two different essential oil blends at the same time. If diffusing from both chambers at the same time, ensure the same essential oil blend are in both chambers.

Handle with care. Please read operation instructions here before use. Do not soak in water.