Aromatherapy: The Ultimate Stress Reliever

Aromatherapy: The Ultimate Stress Reliever

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice that has survived the test of time. With origins dating back to Ancient Egypt and Greece, essential oils as a healer have been used for thousands of years. While the modern interpretation of the usage of essential oils was coined aromatherapy in 1937 by French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, the use of essential oils as both fragrance and medicine dates back thousands of years.

In a time when the world was moving so quickly, finding the time for self-care can be challenging though it is essential to living a happy and whole life. According to the American Institute of Stress, 80% of workers feel stress at work and nearly half say they need help learning to manage stress, whereas 40% reported that thei job was very stressful and an additional 25% view their job as the number one stressor in their lives. With those kinds of numbers and environmental stressors like pollution and pesticides, self-care is becoming more difficult to manage but becoming more important to counteract the effects of 21st-century living.

Below find our top five essential oil recommendations to help reduce stress and anxiety.


In addition to being antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties, Lavender is commonly used in spa treatments given its calming properties. Lavender contains linalool which has a sedative effect helping to address anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. Shop our Support Lavender Pure Essential Oil to calm and balance the mind.


Neroli is an essential oil from the bitter orange tree. Traditionally used in perfume for its sweet scent, Neroli can uplift your mod and five relief from anxiety and stress. It also helps repair and rejuvenate skin and is especially beneficial for problem skin due to its ability to regulate the production on sebum. Try our Orange Flower Mattifying Moisturizer for a long-lasting hydrating and shine-free complexion.


Extracted by a steam distillation of fresh flower of the Ylang-Ylang tree commonly found in the rainforests of Asian and South Pacific islands, this mystical power oil is packed with naturally occurring chemicals that form its properties. A health booster for the nervous system, it is also a sedative and is known to lower blood pressure. Try our Nourishing Enrich Body Oil which contains Ylang-Ylang to uplift and balance the skin.


Aside from being a go-to oil for stress and anxiety reduction, lemongrass has a long list of health benefits including battling infections, lowering fever, relieving pain and reducing depression. According to the journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, people who inhaled3-6 drops showed an immediate reduction in stress and anxiety levels. Our Revive Body Wash is a great way to start the day anxiety and stress-free!


A distant cousin to Lemongrass, Vetiver is a long grass that is native to India. An antioxidant, it helps to stimulate blood flow and prevent problems with circulation. Vetiver can remain on the body for up to 2 days. It is known as a base note which is calming and grounding helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Keep our Deep Relax Roller Ball with you at all times to enjoy a moment of peace wherever you are.

Essential oils as stress and anxiety relievers are a great way to effortlessly bring peace, balance, and calm into your daily life. Alongside mindfulness and a thoughtful routine, essential oils are a must.