We all have a dreaded subject or conversation that we would rather do without, whether it is having a conversation with your boss, presenting to a room full of people or even expressing how you really feel to someone, there are times when we all experience some sort of discomfort. Although it may come natural to some, being confident and courageous isn’t always so easy.

To help prepare you for those times that you find difficult or uncomfortable, our Support Wellbeing Expert Janet Tarasofsky shares a few tips to give you a little extra support.

  • When approaching a dreaded conversation, think of someone who makes you smile before speaking.
  • Remind yourself that this is not a comfortable world, and we need to be OK with discomfort.
  • Your opinions come from your experiences, they are as valid as other people’s experiences.
  • To be truly courageous, we must also be truly vulnerable.
  • Remember that everyone is different to yourself. That is a good thing.
  • To be nervous before speaking in public is to be human.
  • Finally, have some Support Breathe with you to help ease your breathing and give you some comfort before facing any challenge.