Rejuvenate skin with finest Rose oils, pure botanicals and refreshing floral waters. Our Renewing Collection layers on softening benefits and the sweetly floral, delicate scents of one of our most beloved flowers. Uplift your mood with its scent and unveil skin that is renewed and glowing.


Known as the 'Queen of Oils', Rose essential oil in its many forms gives a warm, comforting floral aspect to our blends and products.









Crafted From Nature


Our essential oils are unearthed from the purest botanical and raw ingredients. Picked as they are unfolding in the early hours of dawn, delicate Damask Rose petals are extracted of their precious oils through steam distillation. Our luxurious blend of Rose oils rehydrates and nurtures even drier skin types.

True to our all natural philosophy, the foaming agent in our washes and Bath & Shower oils is derived from Coconut Extract. This naturally cleansing but non-stripping, oil extract enhances the hydrating benefits of Rose, leaving skin petal soft and fresh to touch.

Aromatherapy Scents

The exquisite Rose oil in this collection exudes a beautifully gentle, floral fragrance that delivers a healing and rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Aromatherapies power lies in inhaling the benefits of our concentrated oils as you enjoy your beauty ritual. Breathing in aromas of Rose help bring balance and harmony, while uplifting, and mood-enhancing properties encourage a sense of wellbeing and self-confidence.

Your Wellbeing Ritual

Use this cream daily or as a part of a layer-locking ritual. Begin by applying Renewing Rose Body Gel for swift hydration, following with Renewing Rose Body Oil to enrich, before sealing in the moisture boost.