Wellbeing ExpertsAromatherapy Associates is delighted to announce our panel of Wellbeing Ambassadors. The founders of the company, Geraldine and Sue, were passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of as many people as possible. As a brand, we are committed to this legacy and continue to improve people's wellbeing every day with the same powerful oil blends they made over 30 years ago. We know we can change how people feel for 6-8 hours with our products, now we want to change how people think and their habits allowing them to lead healthier more mindful lifestyles.

Our vision is to help not only our consumers but our spas, retail partners and internal staff to develop strong inner peace and foundations to help manage the day to day stresses. As our lives become busier and our minds get more consumed with finding a work-life balance our Wellbeing Ambassador will help with finding clarity and purpose. Just as our products are there to help ease challenging aspects of our lives, our Wellbeing Ambassadors are there to take your inner strength to new heights.

Our Wellbeing Ambassadors are a panel of three individuals who specialize in enhancing and nurturing life balance, supporting self-belief and encouraging healthy living. Each of them are expertly trained in their field and work to provide expert advice to improve your wellbeing every day from sleep, work, fitness, and nutrition. 


Work Wellbeing Ambassador



India Martin is a 25 year veteran of financial services and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. An American by birth, she has held a number of global C-Suite roles including expatriate assignments in London, Frankfurt, and Hong Kong.

India is a globally recognized leadership expert and coach with a clientele of Fortune 500 and C-Suite executives from around    the world. Formerly an adjunct professor or Corporate Education at Temple University in Japan, she is a well-known keynote and panel speaker. India is on the coaching faculty at Georgetown University for the Exec Master's in Leadership and is also on the coaching faculty of the New York City Bar Association's Associate Leadership Institute.

"In a world that moves at breakneck pace, we spend most of our waking day either at work or preparing for work. Ensuring that the mind, body, and soul are aligned is essential to wellness. Performing optimally is always about radical self-care."- India Gary

American by birth, she has been named one of the 50 top business women in Europe and top 100 Black executives in the UK. A proponent of the gender pay equity and women on boards, India is the President Emeritus of City Women's Network, a professional body for senior women in cooperate, third sector and entrepreneurial industries where she spearheaded the "Corporate Board Readiness Program". A significant component of her coaching work is focused on self-care and wellness. She is often quoted as saying that "a balanced mind, body, and soul is the key to work wellness."

India is a published writer, speaks fluent French and functional Japanese. She is married with three children and resides between London and Washington D.C.

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Eat, Move Wellbeing Ambassador


Nora Minno, is a Registered Dietician, Certified Dietician/Nutritionist, and NASM Certified Personal Trainer based in New York. Nora graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor's of Science in Nutritional Sciences and went on to complete her dietetic internship at the State University of New York, Stony Brook. Upon completion of her internship, Nora was awarded the highest honor of Director's Award for her outstanding work in both clinical and community nutrition.

After serving for 3 years as a clinical dietician in skilled nursing facilities, Nora went on to build her own business as a nutritional consultant and personal trainer, working both one on one with clients as well as providing communications services for several publishing companies.

Nora's work and advice have been featured in several national publications such as Shape, Self, Women's Health, Well + Good, and Good Housekeeping, and she currently appears as a trainer on the Emmy-nominated web-based show, Daily Burn 365. She was recently named the #5 fitness trainer to watch on Instagram in 2018 by Self Magazine.

"I believe that health is a marathon, not a sprint. It's important to take the time to build healthy habitsthat last so you can live a long, happy, and healthy life!"- Nora Minno, RD, CDN 

Nora now resides in New York City where she serves as the Product Communications Manager for one of the worlds largest CPG brands and also provides wellness communication services to various companies.

As a former professional dancer, Nora remains active in the New York dance community and also enjoys traveling, tennis, and cooking for friends and family.

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Dr. Neil Stanley
Sleep Wellbeing Ambassador



Dr. Neil Stanley is a freelance sleep expert who has been involved in sleep research for 36 years starting his career at the Neuorsciences Division of the R.A.F. Institute of Aviation Medicine.

In the early 1990's he moved to the Human Psychopharmacology Research Unit, part of the University of Surrey, where as Director of Sleep Research he created and ran a 24 bed sleep laboratory for clinical trials.

He is past Chairman of the British Sleep Society (2000-2004) and a member of the European Sleep Research Society; the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the European Society of Sleep Technologists.

"Good sleep is the very foundation of good physical, mental and emotional health. Sleep forms one part of the wellbeing triangle with good nutrition and exercise. Sleep Well, feel better, look better, be better, live better."- Dr. Neil Stanley

From 2004-2008 he was a member of the Executive Committee of the Assembly of National Sleep societies and through that is a co-author of the Guidelines for Accreditation of Sleep Medicine Centres and Sleep Medicine Education in Europe.

He has published 38 peer-review papers on various aspects of sleep research and psychopharmacology and is widely quoted by the media as a sleep expert. He is the author of the new book "How to Sleep Well" published by Capstone.

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It is the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.

WellbeingLiving in the 21st Century we are all working harder than ever, striving to be the best version of ourselves at all times and simply not taking enough time to enjoy our lives. Having good mental and physical wellbeing is essential for us to function and be happy.
There are endless things that we can all adopt to try and improve our wellbeing. Being more mindful, regularly meditating, managing stress levels and improving positivity.

If you have good mental and physical wellbeing you are able to;

  • Live and work productively
  • Feel more engaged
  • Cope with daily stresses
  • Feel more confident
  • Boost confidence

    We have put together 6 simple steps that you can adopt in order to improve your wellbeing:

    1. Mindfulness – Being more aware of your thoughts, feelings and surroundings can positively change how you feel.
    2. Kindness – Small acts of kindness can improve your mental wellbeing. Even the smallest acts can count; smiling at someone or paying a compliment.
    3. Active – Move more! Walk, cycle, swim or take the stairs rather than escalator!
    4. Learn – Learning new things can help give you a sense of achievement and confidence! Sign up to learn something new today!
    5. Connect – Spend more time developing relationships with friends, colleagues and family!
    6. Emotions – Accept them. Sometimes we spend energy avoiding our emotions than actually feeling them. Give yourself unconditional permission to feel your feelings. 

    Taking better care of your mind and body boosts your wellbeing and provides instant benefits to help you manage difficulties in your life.