Restful Sleep at Home

  • $116.00

Indulge in the ultimate spa treatment to prepare for a tranquil night’s sleep in the comfort of your own home. Our best-selling & award-winning blend of Vetivert, soothing Camomile & comforting Sandalwood ease you into a restful & tranquil sleep.


CONTENTS • 9ml Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil • 10ml Deep Relax Sleep Mist • 10ml Deep Relax Roller Ball • 50ml Deep Relax Body Butter • 100ml Relax Body Oil • Iconic, Vegan Leather Bag • QR code for wellbeing video


EXCELLENT FOR • Those who struggle to get to sleep • Those who need to relax and switch off • Those who are exhausted • Those that like to make sleep a priority • Those wanted to create a bedtime ritual


1. Scan the QR code to download and follow the wellbeing video 2. Warm one third of Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil into cupped hands, breathe in the aromas & massage onto torso before stepping into the bath 3. After bathing, apply Relax Body Oil all over the body 4.Apply Deep Relax Sleep Well Body Butter all over the body 5. Mist the air, pillow and nightwear with Deep Relax Sleep Mist 6.Apply the Deep Relax Roller Ball to pulse points and carry out a body scanning exercise.