10 Baths for Wellness

10 Baths for Wellness

With daily stresses of life, nothing sounds better than winding down in a warm bath. Bathing has a long and detailed history and has been in practice for centuries to ensure optimal health of the mind and body. From manic Mondays to self-care Sundays, our 10 Bath & Shower Oils can help you with every wellbeing need:

Your Mood: My hormones are going haywire
Your Wellbeing Solution: Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oil
Counteract the hormonal lows you're experiencing with uplifting ingredients like Geranium to harmonize hormones, Bergamot to neutralize out-of-control emotions and Rose to uplift and soften skin.

Your Mood: I'm exhausted but my brain is still wired
Your Wellbeing Solution: De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil
Pacify post-work nerves with calming and focusing Chamomile and Frankincense. This focusing Bath & Shower Oil also contains Rosemary to clear a foggy mind and Petitgrain to ease stress and anxiety.

Your Mood: I want to relax, but why can't I?
Your Wellbeing Solution: Light Relax Bath & Shower Oil
Incorporate the essential oils used in our Light Relax Bath & Shower Oil for a stress-reducing soak. Ylang-Ylang counteracts high blood pressure while Lavender and Petitgrain relax tense muscles and bring you peace of mind when you're feeling mentally agitated.

Your Mood: Ouch! Yesterday's workout is still kicking my butt today.
Your Wellbeing Solution: De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil
You felt the burn yesterday, and you're feeling it today whenever you try to get out of your chair. This muscle soothing formula will reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation and aid in the removal or lactic acid with Lavender, Rosemary, Ginger and Black Pepper essential oils. Bonus: This Lavender can also ease tension headaches!

Your Mood: I'm going out tonight and need some pep in my step
Your Wellbeing Solution: Revive Evening Bath & Shower Oil
You're going to a social event, but you are definitely not in the mood. At least not yet. Uplift your spirits with the pampering essential oils in Revive Evening. Ylang-Ylang and Sandalwood aids in building confidence; Geranium balances your emotions and improves blood circulation; and Patchouli nourishes your skin to restore suppleness and softness.

Your Mood: I don't want to drink anymore coffee, but I'm still tired
Your Wellbeing Solution: Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil
When you find yourself past the threshold of healthy caffeine consumption but still craving a shot of espresso, take a trip to the tub. Zesty and fresh Pink Grapefruit will wake up the senses while boosting circulation. Juniper Berry, Rosemary and Pine draw out impurities to leave you feeling physically lighter and livelier. 

Your Mood: I can't remember the last time I did something for myself
Your Wellbeing Solution: Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil
Putting work, family, and friends first is a recipe for exhaustion and anxiety. We recommend putting a capful of this into a steaming hot bath to give both mind and body a much needed high. Clary Sage, Cardamom, and Rosemary uplifts and fortifies physical strength, while Sandalwood, Rose, and Geranium emotionally strengthen and comforts.

Your Mood: I'm so tired, but I'll probably be awake until 3 am
Your Wellbeing Solution: Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil
Trouble sleeping? You've probably heard that a nice warm bath can help you doze off. Add this blend to a warm bath and let the powers of Chamomile and Vetiver deeply relax and calm you . Let Sandalwood essential oil to gently ground and quiet your mind for a better night's sleep.

Your Mood: I'm done with feeling stuffy and congested
Your Wellbeing Solution: Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil
Having a warm bath might not make your congestion go away, but the steam from a bath helps clear out the nasal passages and reduce inflammation. Combine that with the decongesting power of Eucalyptus and Peppermint, immune strengthening Lavender and virus-fighting Tea Tree, and you'll be well on your way to clear and easy breathing.

Your Mood: I just need a moment of comfort to help me get through this!
Your Wellbeing Solution: Support Lavender Peppermint
Whether you have a headache, digestive disorder, or nausea, the healing powers of Lavender and Peppermint will improve your immune system and relax nervous tension. Bonus: Have a mild sunburn? Take a dip with Support Lavender & Peppermint to cool and soothe overheated skin- Peppermint and Lavender is a natural analgesic (painkiller) and will sooth burnt areas to allow your body to recover faster.