From delayed flights to lost luggage and everything in between, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself and prioritize your wellbeing over the highs, lows and woes of travelling. Your wellbeing should always be your priority, especially when journeying through the time zones and exploring new places- and it only takes very simple self-care practices for a healthy and happy mind and body, even with a hectic travel schedule. Our panel of beauty and wellness ambassadors share their travel hacks, top tips and the items they can't leave home without.

  1. Guarantee you get a good amount of sleep and water
    "Take plenty of water on your flight, but do not guzzle it. Slow sips throughout the flight will keep you hydrated. Drinking a whole one-liter bottle will keep you going to the bathroom."- Nicola Addison, Fitness Expert

    "During long-haul flights, my airways often tend to feel blocked and irritated due to the strong air conditioning levels. I love the Support Breathe Roller Ball. It's a perfect on-the-go size aromatherapy oil including Eucalyptus and peppermint oils that ease the airways. I place a couple of swipes across the tip of my eye mask before napping on the plane, which really aids in a comfortable sleep" -Annalise Fard, Director of Beauty at Harrods

  2. Eat foods that nourish
    "Never leave home without breakfast if you are traveling and know in advance that you wont eat for hours. At least give yourself a good start. Airport food is better than it was, but not always!"- Yvonne Wake, Nutritional Expert

  3. Always have essential oils close by
    "I always travel with our Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection, I have used the oils since the 90's: it is my first aid kit for traveling. I am delighted that our Face Oils now also come in a similar format [Face Oil Collection] to feed my skin when on-the-go."- Tracey Woodward, CEO of Aromatherapy Associates

    "Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil makes me feel alive and kicking"- Rae Feather, Fashion and Accessories Designer

    "I love the Face Oil Collection for all its contents, but it's also the best size to pop into an overnight bag, or just inside your makeup bag. With all the restrictions on travelling with products, I am relieved to have this beautiful collection all tucked away inside my carry on." Yvonne Wake, Nutritional Expert

    "The Revive Evening Bath & Shower Oil gets me revived enough for dinner, a second wind, without keeping me wide awake."- Beatrice Aidin Award-Winning Freelance Journalist

    "The Face Oil Collection and the Essential Miniature Bath & Shower Oils: These little vials of joy are a must of obvious reasons (small, easy to pack, concentrated, a little bit of luxury for face and body wherever you are staying), but also for the less obvious (flexible; there is an oil for every eventuality, and social; share to help combat the tiredness, hangovers, homesickness, and stress of fellow travelers will instantly make you the most popular person on any trip/in any hotel. Or the most smug, if you choose to keep them all to yourself)"- Claire Irvin, Head of Travel Editorial at the Telegraph  

  4. Ensure you are comfortable and relaxed
    "I always travel with my De-Stress Muscle Gel to avoid any muscle aches during and after travel. I also do a mindfulness meditation before travelling, it gets me into a calm and relaxed space to deal with whatever happens during my travels"- Terrence the Teacher, Mindfulness Expert

    "Be Clear about your expectations from your holiday and if you are traveling with people be upfront with each other about what is important for you. Honesty creates clarity and avoids resentments from unfulfilled expectations."- Jonathan Ward, Wellness Expert

    "I love to dress in really nice soft things- soft underwear and nice socks are essential! I will also take a lovely soft scarf and sprinkle Support Breathe Essence onto it before take off to protect me from any germs on the plane"- Melissa Hemsley, Passionate Cook and Entrepreneur

  5. Always think ahead
    "Buy a travel pad- tick and high-light what you need. This pad centers the mind and it's under a tenner, plus it lasts for years. Also, make sure to purchase a priority pass- you receive access to over 1200 lounges around the worlds airports!"- Beatrice Aidin, Award-Winning Freelance Journalist

    "Write a list of what you're going to pack. It makes outfit planning so much easier"- Rae Feather, Fashion and Accessories Designer

    "I always start packing a few days in advance, so I can edit the selection just before I go but still be sure I've got everything I need. I have a "to-pack" list saved in the notes on my phone because I loathe packing. I make sure I replenish my washbag after each trip so it's ready to go for the next"- Claire Irvin, Head of Travel Editorial at The Telegraph

  6. Keep your skin soft and glowing in-flight
    "Hydrating and protecting my skin is the my top priority, especially when I've been flying. I love the Hydrating Nourishing Face Oil by Aromatherapy Associates. It boosts hydration, the scent of rose oil is absolutely divine and it is a joy to use."- Annalise Fard, Director of Beauty at Harrods

  7. Stay entertained
    "I always take headphones because I can get quite anxious when travelling, so I line up lots of podcasts ready to go. A good one is Emma Gallen's Ctrl Alt Delete. Also, I love a classic book like Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and Pride or Prejudice by Jane Austin."- Melissa Hemsley, Passionate Cook and Entrepreneur

    "Take a pack of cards. I never go on holiday without a pack of cards. Hours of fun and giggles can be had learning and perfecting (and also winning) a game of cards"- Nicola Addison, Fitness Expert

  8. Be practical
    "Things like bank accounts, travel insurance phone numbers, passport numbers, and even where you are staying- write these details down and leave them with someone back home, it's good to have a backup!" -Yvonne Wake, Nutritional Expert

    "Keep your hand luggage or carry-on bags small. Having less weight to carry around minimizes the strain put on your body"- Terrance the Teacher, Mindfulness Exert

    "Rolling is the only way to pack when short on space and when you want to keep things crease free. I group things either into day by day piles (good for a city break) or by types of clothing, e.g. dresses, tops, etc."- Claire Irvin, Head of travel Editorial at The Telegraph

  9. Switch your phone off and your creativity on
    "I always bring a notebook with me onboard, I often come up with designs or ideas on a flight. No phones, no distractions- it gives one time to think." -Rae Feather, Fashion and Accessories Designer

    "I always adjust my watch as soon as I get on the flight to my destination time. I don't drink alcohol, but I do drink a lot of water when in the air and I try not to eat too much. I limit myself to two movies and always have a book- I am currently reading Dr. Neil Stanley's book on sleep and I have not been able to put it down! I enjoy the time in the sky as it allows me to have a little thinking time. I am certain Daisy, my EA of 12 years, is delighted with the peace too!"- Tracey Woodward, CEO of Aromatherapy Associates

  10. Choose mindfulness over matter
    "Creating Clear boundaries around your time and your expectations is the most self-compassionate thing you can do for yourself. Remember that it is okay to take time for yourself while you are away. It might just need to be a bath with a De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil, a walk or a few minutes of meditation. While traveling, make use of "mindful moments" when things get tense or stressful. This only needs to take two or three minutes- tune into your thoughts, feelings and impulses. Focus on your breathing and gently expand your awareness to your body and breathe."- Jonathan Ward, Wellness Expert

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