Beetroot Benefits

Beetroot Benefits

Are you looking to change your eating habits this Spring? Our Wellbeing Expert Yvonne, Health Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach, shares her deliicious Beetroot smoothie recipie and explains the benefits of Beetroots!

Beetroots are one of the healthiest foods you can use in a juice or as part of a smoothie! Back in the day, beets were a medicine because of their healing powers and potency.

Beets are all part of the same family as spinach and chard and contain countless vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. Beetroot is high in vitamin C and B6, folate, manganese, and potassium.  I’d even go so far as to add that beets are unique in their power as an anti-inflammatory and a great detoxifier. 

They have made a ‘come back’ in the last few years as they add so much colour to a dish, but also beets are sweet which makes it easier to drink down. I would wholeheartedly recommend a pure beet juice each day, or at least add beets to your smoothies as they are satisfying and contain all the right ingredients for health.

Beets help to lower blood pressure, and quickly too, so give it a try if you suffer with high blood pressure! It’s all to do with the naturally occurring nitrates in all vegetables, but beets contain 20 times more dietary nitrates than other vegetables.  Beets are super effective as a detox drink, helping the liver to dispose of damaging toxins. Research has even suggested that eating or drinking beets may even act as a protector against cancer. 

A fun fact you will love to hear is that beetroot is known as the premature age protector! The lycopene in the juice helps to keep the skin elastic as well as protecting it from the sunshine. There are so many attributes to the common beetroot, plus it’s not expensive and always easy to find. Go for the raw version as opposed to the ones in little plastic bags as these are not fresh. Enjoy!

Yvonne x