Introducing the Limited Edition Eau De Parfum

Introducing the Limited Edition Eau De Parfum

After 5 years in the making, we are delighted to introduce our Limited-Edition Eau De Parfum, in memory of Co-Founder Geraldine Howard. The invigorating blend was inspired by Geraldine’s vision of a piano concerto filling a garden, like those from Claude Monet paintings, with beautiful music. The packaging was inspired by a leafy garden with layered botanical illustrations, representing each essential oil featured in the fragrance.

Ingredient - Rose    ROSE     Ingredient - Sandalwood


The perfume is a natural, feminine, fresh and warm fragrance that is balanced, potent and enticing. This enchanting blend of essential oils boosts confidence and enables you to feel the best version of yourself. Bursting with reviving Italian Bergamot, warm hints of comforting Turkish Rose and a heart of grounding Sandalwood with French Cassis encircling the spine of this captivating treasure. This complex mix of notes offers a multi-faceted scent and character and will help to radiate your authentic self. 

This delicious fragrance is composed of Geraldine’s favourite ingredients, 28 pure essential oils, blended together to inspire confidence with its uplifting aroma. The Eau De Parfum was hand-blended in our London Lab and there are only 2,000 bottles available. Each bottle is engraved and numbered from 1 to 2,000 – a truly one of a kind and exclusive treasure!

The Aromatherapy Associates Eau De Parfum embodies compassion, self-empowerment and strength all in a scent giving you the opportunity to be your best possible self, every day. 

Will you be trying our debut Eau De Parfum? The Eau De Parfum will be available from 1st September online. 



"Let the power of essential oils awaken your emotions and let your true self shine through” 

– Geraldine Howard