Post Work Out Ritual

Post Work Out Ritual

With Summer on the way, more of us are trying out different sports and exercises. We have spoken to our Wellbeing Expert Nicola Addison, Personal Trainer and owner of Eqvvs Training in Knightsbridge for advice on post workout rituals. Nicola has an impressive portfolio of celebrity Clients such as Elle Macpherson, Daisy Lowe and Erin O’Conner. She tells us that going for a jog or letting off some steam in the gym, can make you feel fantastic. However, it can often leave your muscles feeling sore especially when you’re giving it your all. Sometimes when you work out extremely hard, you can often find yourself suffering with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, otherwise known as DOMS. This is where you feel stiffness and pain in your muscles after an intense workout, it shows you’ve been trying your best!

If you want to try a few solutions to counteract these pains, then perhaps try taking a long soak in a warm bath with our De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil. Take a capful, massage onto your torso and bring your hands up to your face and breathe deeply three times. Sit back and relax in your warm bath or alternatively step into a hot shower. Black Pepper is proven to relieve pain and stiffness in your body, whilst the lavender reduces inflammation in muscles and joints. You can use our De-Stress Body Wash to treat yourself to a bubble bath or cleanse yourself to relieve your tired body and mind.

After your bath or shower, why not try our De-Stress Muscle Gel, massaging it directly over muscles and joints. This gel is perfect for applying after your bath or shower, before any physical activity, or even during flights to maintain circulation in ankles and legs. The Black Pepper and Ginger provides a cooling sensation for aches, pains and warms over time. If you’re at the office and feeling any aches, you can simply apply our De-Stress Muscle Gel to those points at your desk, even layering on top of your tights. 

If you’re using our De-Stress Muscle Gel after your bath or shower, or workout, complete the ritual with our De-Stress Body Oil, easing any muscular aches and pains pre or post workout. Apply over the skin, focusing on tired muscles. Rosemary brings circulation to stiff muscles and the Arnica is an anti-inflammatory renowned for easing bruising. Perfect for if you’re going that extra mile at the gym.

It’s important to take care of your body when working hard, so why not treat yourself to some products from our De-Stress Collection.