The Pursuit Of Happiness

The Pursuit Of Happiness

What does it take to truly be happy? Most would say health, success or money. But with everyone wanting to be successful and happy the balance of both is becoming increasingly more difficult to manage. Our work and personal lives are becoming more and more demanding. We mainly focus on short term victories, which will inevitably harm our long term wellbeing and happiness. Our Wellbeing Expert Julie Whitehead, Laughter Yoga Teacher shares some important tips that can be adopted in our daily lives to help us become happier.

1.     Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is bringing attention to internal and external experiences that are happening in the present moment. Try spending some quiet time, breathing, relaxing getting to know yourself. Practice 10 -15 minutes of meditation each day with your eyes closed and observe our physical sensations, thoughts and emotions.

2.     Smile!

Spend a few minutes each day thinking about the things that make you happy. These few minutes will help focus on the positive things in your life and hopefully lead you to smile. When we smile this tricks our brains to think that we are happy!

3.  Spend time with positive and happy people

Happiness is infectious! Spending time with people that are optimistic and have positive outlooks on life will help to lift your mood. Smile and laugh as much as you can. Remember you can choose to change the way you feel. Very empowering. The more you’re able to maintain a positive attitude the more likeminded people you’ll attract in return.

4. What makes you happy?

It is important that you know that you deserve happiness. When you find joy in the little things in life you will find joy in all the days of your life, notice the clouds in the sky, the new buds of flowers or even jump in a puddle! Be happy that your bus/tube came on time or that you had an unexpected call from a friend or enjoy a nice chocolate cake. Find out exactly what it is that makes you happy. 

5. Experience Nature

Get out into Nature as often as you can. It has been found that a daily walk of 20 minutes in Nature reduces depression and make you feel good and connected as well as being great for your general health.

6. Why are you grateful?

It is often easy to get caught up with material items that we don’t possess or might not be able to afford. Our brains always tend to focus on the negative things in our lives, e.g. failures, discontent and worries. We need to focus on the good and especially what we should be grateful for. At the end of each day write down 3 things you can be grateful for and then read this list anytime you feel a little low. Learn to say THANK YOU all the time.

7. Exercise more

Exercise helps to release good mood endorphins. This means that you are likely to be happy after a workout or simply a walk into town. Unhappiness can be a result of stress on our mind and bodies! 20 minutes of exercise can make you happy regardless of how sad you may be. Take a walk. When you walk you will be able to think over matters that are bothering you and come up with solutions to make them better.

 8. Sleep

Researchers have discovered that if you don’t get enough sleep, your negative thoughts can take over. Many of us sacrifice going to bed early to try and be more productive. Getting an extra hour of sleep every night can boost our happiness and energy levels.