Sitting at your desk in front of your screen all day can often leave you drained and uncomfortable. To help you make it through the day and feel more energised and efficient, take a moment and try some office yoga to keep your wellbeing in order during the day. You can do these 5 simple exercises either sat at your desk or standing up. Before you begin, try applying a couple of drops of De Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil to your pulse points to help you clear your mind and focus on yourself.

1. High Stretch Pose 

Take a deep breath and lift your arms with palms facing upwards and fingers locked together. Lean to each side and hold for a few seconds before breathing out. 

2. Twist 

Turn your body to the side whilst sitting on your chair with both hands on your waist to deepen the twist. With each twist, take a deep breath for a few seconds and breathe out. Repeat on each side. 

3. Stretching arm and wrist 

Stretch out your arm to the side and spread your fingers then bringing them to a closed fist. Repeat this movement 5 times on each hand. Then stretch arm in front of you with hands pointing downwards and gently pulling fingers to counter stretch the wrist and forearm. Repeat on both sides. 

4. Shoulder Rolls 

Straighten your back and lift your shoulders to your ears breathing in deeply then exhale as you roll your shoulders back in a circular motion squeezing your shoulder blades together. Repeat the movement 5 times. 

5. Ankle to Knee 

Straighten your back and place your left foot on your right knee and slightly lean forward to stretch. Hold this for a few seconds then repeat on the other foot. Now that you've tried all of the above share with us your favourite yoga moves on via Instagram or Twitter!