Food that makes you happy

Food that makes you happy

We all know that food makes us happy, whether we are enjoying a relaxing meal with friends and family or finally enjoying a treat after a long day, eating food can definitely boost our moral. However, certain foods are proven to boost our mood far beyond the company you enjoy it with. Here is our list of foods which will help increase your happiness levels.

Avocado is experiencing a bit of a celebrity status at the moment, featured in many Instagram breakfast snaps, it can also help boost your mood. Containing B9 (or Folic Acid) which helps your body to support serotonin levels (the cuddle hormone). Serotonin helps boost energy and helps your brain manage day to day functions.

Containing Vitamin D, Salmon is linked to maintaining a functional immune system (no one is happy when they’re sick), and protecting bones. Low Vitamin D levels have also been linked to low mood. Vitamin D consumption is important during the winter months in England where we tend not to see so much sunlight.

Spinach increases energy levels, memory due to its Omega-3 content. Our bodies don’t naturally produce Omega-3 so we need to consume it through our food, studies have shown that maintaining a healthy Omega-3 level leaves you at a lesser risk of depression. We’re content when we’re energised.

Magnesium is a big player in the happy hormone Serotonin, much like avocado, magnesium is essential in aiding our body’s ability to combat irritability and reduce stress.

Turkey contains Chromium, which plays a big role and works directly with our brains mood regulators, it also helps to regulate sugar levels. By regulating our sugar levels it helps to reduce sugar cravings and we all know that increased sugar consumption leads to bad moods.

Containing the all-important Vitamin B, important for healthy skin, hair and nails, but also important to reduce stress, the feeling of anxiety and aids digestion.

Carbohydrates get a bit of a bad reputation, however they are excellent for energy, the immune system and can even fight free radicals. That concludes a our list of happiness inducing foods, a balanced diet leads to a happy life, remember that everything in moderation is the way forward. 

Happy eating.