Time To Love

Time To Love

Throughout January we are focusing on time to love you and others around you. We often are so caught up with our day to day lives that we forget to look at how much we've achieved and praising ourselves for all that we have faced. January is the perfect time for Inner Strength as we are faced with managing long, dark and cold days minus the festive sparkle and packed social calendar. This is the perfect time for reflection and self-appreciation. Make January 2017 all about you.

Essential oils have the power to affect our emotional state, our sense of smell is a tool and governs our basic instincts, it is a key aspect of the journey of wellbeing. The uplifting aroma of Clary Sage found in Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil can help you focus and find clarity during long winter days, coupled with Geranium which is balancing and the emotionally strengthening powers of Sandalwood and Rose oils help January to become a sensory journey helping you to discover and love who you are.

For the ultimate Inner Strength experience add one capful of the Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil to a warm bath, apply the Inner Strength Soothing Repair Mask, light the Inner Strength Candle and let the power of aromatherapy guide you through January.

Make time to love your skin with the Inner Strength Soothing Skincare collection this January. Perfect for city stressed and tired skin, the collection gives your skin barrier the Inner Strength to be radiant through this tough seasonal change. The Prebiotics within this collection restore and maintain a healthy skin barrier whilst Roman and German Camomile soothe, calm and heal your complexion.

2017 is the year you focus on you.